Vedanta and Us

Giving an insight
Giving an insight


Human beings are seeking for the truth about themselves and want to attain/have a spiritual life. Today everyone is curious to know about life, what will happen to them once they disappear and who they are. But unfortunately, no one has the answer, is it so hard to find? The answer is there in front of us in the form of VEDANTA.

When we talk or discuss about Vedanta people very often ask, what is Vedanta? Here is a brief explanation of what Vedanta is and where we stand in understanding the knowledge from the source.

“Veda” means “Knowledge”, and “Anta” means “the highest” (which people often refer or wrongly understood as an End of Veda). Vedanta, therefore, stands for its own explanation as ‘The Highest Knowledge’.

However, when we look into this knowledge we try to understand from a layman point of view which will never let us understand this. Vedanta is here to tell us the ultimate truth, nothing else, how we understand and interrelate with us is the duty of oneself. There are many ways to tell the truth. Example, ‘I am sitting here’ is truth. ‘Raj is sitting there’ is also truth. ‘Raj is sitting on the chair there’ is a greater truth. ‘30 year old Raj is sitting there on the chair in his office and working,’ is a truth but greater than the earlier one.

Obviously, nuance in the truth disclose the clarity of comprehension of the statement. Whenever something is unclear and shaded, it is only half-truth, while something is perfectly clear and without any covering is more absolute and the highest truth. By reading and understanding Vedanta, the highest truth becomes clear and nothing short of it. The highest truth is all about us and the rest of all is half truth or ordinary truth E.g. I am this and you are that, you are so-and-so. However, the supreme truth is that we are human beings called Raj, Jack, Juan, etc. The highest truth is we came alone and we are alone in this Sansara (Universe) and we will go alone, called Brahman in Vedanta, and nothing else.

This is the teaching of Vedanta, which leads us to many more questions about us. One thing we need to understand here is that Vedanta is not only for the intellect but it is a vibrant exercise in the search of truth.

Love and Peace to all


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