The Goal

The Goal

After knowing the truth or the reality of oneself, we should know what should be the goal of all living beings.

Today, everybody wants to attain a higher state of mind, want to be happy are searching for happiness. Human being (we) are covered with so much ignorance that, if we ask someone to define the state of being “Happy” they will give the answers e.g. buying a new house, getting a new car, having a big family or being rich makes me happy. If that’s all makes people happy than, why is that not everyone is happy around us? And to get all that (house, car), is the ultimate Goal for human being? A general statement “I am happy” has its own meaning for everyone around us. This relates the materialistic world to our inner-self, again because of our ignorance.

Those people who look for happiness outside that often find or suffer more because they find only miseries around them. If that’s true, people will ask, ‘what is the use of doing Good Karma (Deeds)?’

The answer for this question is simpler; do not work towards looking or gaining happiness in life. This will lead you to a contradicting experience of doing good and bad with an expectation of getting the happiness (which is not possible in this way). So, what we should do? Focus on decreasing the miseries and when there are no miseries one will be happy and will find happiness itself (when the miseries are lesser the amount of happiness will increase).

However, this process of understanding the concept takes lesser time for some people, while others will take a bit longer. The longer time taken by some of us is because of the ignorance of the Chitta (Mind) and one should work towards the removal of the ignorance. This should be the Goal of human beings.

When there are less miseries- the Aanandmaya (ultimate bliss, Happiness) state will come itself. And to reach to the Aanandmaya state is the ultimate goal of all living beings. 

Love and Peace to all 


Aiming for the Goal


2 thoughts on “The Goal”

  1. Very realistic point of view though it does appear to carry quite a number of sentence construction error. But then again you have made a very clear statement and everything else is secondary. Cheers

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback.
      it would be nice if you can let us know our mistakes, it will be helpful us in future.

      Love and Peace
      Thank you

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