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Yoga and Students

Om to you all,

writing this post is an urge for me after looking at the scenario of information available on the internet rather them making someone downgrade.
Here is something we need to know, we are thankful of all the people those who are practicing Yoga around the world.

Dear all,
Here is something for you all, if you guys can read these lines, you will understand that, there are Five (5) signs of a good student….

काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव च स्वल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी , विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं।
:Kak chesta bako dhyanam! Kaak cheshta bako dhyanam.: Swan nindra tathaiwa cha swalpahari, grihtyaagi, vidyarthi panch lakshnam.

1. The one who tries like a Crow (KAK) ( repeatedly ),
2.The one who concentrate like a Crane (Baka) (focused and gazing for one aim only),
3.The one who sleeps like a Dog (Swan) (Sleep less and study more),
4. The one who Eatless (alphari) (eating in limit or eating less), and
5. The one who can Leave home (Grahtyagi) ( no attachment to the home)

In yoga we practice all above, in the form of Asana and Philosophy. these are the guidelines given by our sages/saints to all students.

for the Yogasan, we practice two different once
1 Crow + Posture in Sanskrit called “KAK+Asan”
2. Crane+Posture in Sanskrit it will be ‘Bak+asan’.

from here also we can understand the background and importance of Asana, more than just a physical practice.
Before teaching someone or something than i hope will understand the concept first.

Love and Peace to you all

Yoga for Students, Students and Yoga
Yoga for Students, Students and Yoga

The Reality


In our previous note about Vedanta and Us, we discussed what is Reality or Truth. It can be understood more easily. The understanding becomes more clearer when the truth is in its higher form.

We always have a tendency to forget that Vedanta is not only an intellectual exercise for people who want to attain a higher state of mind, but it is also an energetic experience of oneself. To have this experience or to experience this, one don’t have to be in a particular place, e.g. people set their specific place to do certain practices (I do my practice only here or I can connect myself more only when I am practicing in this area/place).

However, this can be experienced by anybody, anywhere and anytime (this knowledge doesn’t come with the boundaries of race, gender, age, religion or color) and this should be our ultimate goal of life. While telling that we are neither Raj nor Juan etc but we are confirming that we are the reality itself. Studying Vedanta gives us an understanding of the reality (which explained as the Truth), not only about human beings but the Reality about the Sansara (universe). We are part of the Sansara and Sansara is not part of us (the existence of the universe is still there even if we are here or not). This truth we need to know well in order to live a stress free and healthy life.What we see today around us will go away one day e.g. the taste, the smell, what we hear or body even what we perceive and transmit. All will perish one day, all will disappear even the mind and our ego. So bring harmony in oneself, keep smiling always, keep oneself together and with the good thoughts. With this, one can attain a higher state of oneself.

Vedanta teaches us about one thing for sure and that is reality. By studying Vedanta we learn about all phases of life, we learn “who we are”, “what is Sansara”, and “who is the creator”. The whole study of Vedanta is a serious, practical and real discussion about relationship, manifestations and realities.

Love and Peace to all